Individual Coaching

We focus on the flourishing of the individual and support you to achieve goals related to emotional, social or professional development and performance improvement while focusing on you as a person.

Family & Relationship Coaching

We assist families in discovering their own strengths, overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals. Relationship coaching aims to teach you conflict resolution skills and offers you tools to deepen intimacy and pleasure.

Teenage Coaching

Teenage coaching is a form of assistance designed to help adolescents navigate their challenges and emotions. We provides a safe and confidential space for teenagers to express themselves and receive support. We help teenagers develop healthy coping mechanisms and address issues like stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, self-esteem and more.

Health Coaching

The health coaching we offer is a personalized and collaborative approach that empowers individuals to make positive changes in their health and well-being, as well as tackle any health-related issues (eating disorders, body goals etc…). We provide guidance, support and accountability to help clients set and achieve their health goals.

Crisis Coaching

For those in immediate crisis, coaching is available to help see you through the crisis period.

The beautiful snow-topped hillsides of Souk Al Ghareb, Lebanon, frequented by coach Khaleel.

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